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Published: 08th November 2012
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You seem to feel utterly hopeless about retrieving your lost lover-boy. If you are sincerely trying to make your ex boyfriend fall for you again, the first tip is never to feel negative. If you did manage to win his heart the first time, there is nothing stopping you from winning back your ex lover once more. Have patience and start working with these solid tips to get your ex boyfriend back.

Relationships begin and end with the mind. If you have lost the love of your boyfriend this means you have disappeared from his mind. Therefore no matter how attractively you dress up or what kind of new tattoo you sport, you are merely appealing to his visual senses. These gestures would never make your ex boyfriend fall for you again, since such
things do not reach his mind.
One of the reasons why you are unable to get your ex boyfriend back could be because you are taking the traditional approach of trying to be the woman, you think, he prefers.

Your perception about his likes and dislikes could be completely wrong. So if you dye your hair auburn, thinking he likes women with this hair color, you could be way off the target.

This leads us to the important aspect of how to make your ex boyfriend fall for you again by being the way you are. One of the common mistakes most women make is that they are never truly themselves. There could be a hundred issues you want to hide from your boyfriend. These range from the way you look, to the kind of lifestyle you lead, your family background and even your education. So, to cover up many of these seemingly ‘weak spots’, you put up an act. Remember one important aspect though. Your pretensions get caught with time and once he knows the reality, it could be tough to get your ex boyfriend back not because of your drawbacks, but because you hid them from him for so long.
Therefore one of the most important tips to get your ex boyfriend back is to be yourself, and be proud of being what you are. This automatically rubs off on your overall personality. In fact, this spirit of self-confidence could make your ex boyfriend fall for you again.

If you have always believed that to hold on o a man, you have to smother him with your affection round the clock, think again. There is nothing a man hates more than a woman getting in his hair. To get your ex boyfriend back, give him space. In fact, appearing mysterious once in a while may actually re-ignite the passion and make your ex boyfriend fall for you again. If you probe deep enough, you would surely find the reasons why your boyfriend broke up with you in the first place. It could be your behavior, lack of confidence, too much dependence, possessiveness, etc which made him nearly claustrophobic in your company. To make your ex boyfriend fall for you again, find out how you have been in the past, rather than what went wrong with him. You have to remember that relationships thrive when you keep it fresh and nurture it with new ideas, new thoughts, new people and new concepts. To make your ex boyfriend fall for you again, ensure that you become interesting again.

In the final analysis, it may not be too tough to get your ex boyfriend back if both of you had shared true love and respect for each other. Even then, his moving away could be a wake-up call for you to realize several home truths about the way you have handled one of the most precious persons in your life and messed it all up. If you take sincere and relevant corrective steps now, you would definitely be able to make your ex boyfriend fall for you again.

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